multiBED 4 Motors Advanced Hospital Bed
Easy to use and fully featured bed
Back, leg, height, trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg movements
Retrecting backrest system (13 cm) to improve patient comfort during bed activation
35 cm low height
One button TV and shock position
Hygenic design (PP), siderails and headboards
Seamless design to maximize infection control
Compact laminate (HPL) anti-bacterial mattress platform
Durable, Full-Coverage siderails
Dual sided control panel and angle indicator
Nurse control pendant
Electrostatic powder coated metal frame
Underbed light
Manual / Auto CPR function
4 central locking casters
X-Ray backrest
Protective plastic corner bumpers
Drainage bag hooks at both sides
Height adjustable IV pole
Knee section adjustment by semiautomatic 6-positions racks

External Dimensions: 215x110cm
Mattress Platform: 88x197cm
Height (without mattress): 35-75cm
Backrest Angle: 0-70
Footrest Angle: 0-35
Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg: 16
Caster Diameter: 125mm
Safe Working Load Capacity: 250kg
Liquid ingress Protection: IPx66
Power: max. 3,15A 100V 240V ~ 50/60 Hz
Electrical Shock Protection: Class I, Type B
Battery back-up